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The software solutions include Silo, a tool used to consolidate your risk & safety compliance issues, Armoury a firearm management tool, Maestro a physical security information management platform, & Alchemy a machine intelligence framework that supports the creation of boutique expert systems.

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With the world changing and cyber Security becoming more and more of a threat we need a new innovative solution to complement the existing technologies out there.

As we have seen with the recent cyber attacks companies are at a greater risk of the devastating loss of data. With system backups now commonly cloud based this risk of catastrophic data loss is more prevalent.

The quintessential problem is that while there are amazing cybersecurity products in the market. Many of these products have become commercialised and can be purchased off-the-shelf. Nefarious individuals and groups can purchase these products giving them unlimited time to identify the vulnerabilities in these software products. Iris does not suggest ripping out and replacing these products which are in place, rather putting in a bespoke solution so once these products which are in place have been breached there is a product which is unknown to the greater Internet.

Our bespoke products are individually crafted and unique to each customer. Should a cyber attack manage to penetrate your first lines of defence there will be a second line of defence which will be activated. Cyber criminals have not had the luxury of time to figure out vulnerabilities in the second line of defence based on the fact that is bespoke products specific to your company.

Time is the enemy of cyber criminals. If given warning and time, in the event of an attack, a bespoke solution can provide the precious time to allow for the systems to be adequately protected.

Iris engineers have been working on solutions such as this for over 25 years and well equipped to assist you and your company and providing an additional line of defence for the inevitable cyber attack with your shall face.

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Your Risk & Safety Compliance Consolidation Tool. Consolidate your risk & safety compliance issues into one streamlined & comprehensive module.


Your Firearm Management Tool. Resolving Firearm Challenges in South Africa. User-friendly portal with remote access for maximum control and efficiency.


Alchemy is a machine intelligence framework that supports the creation of boutique expert
systems designed for specific needs.


Maestro is a physical security information management platform designed to operate at all tiers of customer operations.

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